There is nothing worse than rejection

Stuck in love is a great movie and I’ve fallen in love with Logan lerman all over again




I want to cry because I miss my best friend so much I want to cry after I get my tattoo I’m gonna save for a plane ticket to see her

I love youuuuuuju

Good lighting will do wonders and I really like my dress

Good lighting will do wonders and I really like my dress

So I and like 5 others were on our bikes on our way to school and our light was red so we pressed the button to cross and waited. It was a signal where if you’re turning, you have to yield for the people coming straight AND those who walk/ride accross. Anyways so the light turned green, we had a WALK signal! Was NOT a red hand, and so we all started to pedal when a fucking cop started turning left! HE has to YIELD for US! So we all stopped for a second cause there was a fucking car coming at us and he SHAKES HIS HEAD AND KEPT DRIVING! He didn’t wait for us to cross!!! He fucking cut us off and acted like we did something wrong. We were all like what the fuck??? I wanted to get his license number and turn that douchebag in


How to get a boyfriendLevel: Asian


How to get a boyfriend
Level: Asian

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